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Quanta-Medical is a professional medical equipment agent since 2009. We deliver excellent and innovative medical products from abroad. Bringing a new medical idea to Taiwan's medical community. And the rapidly changing and diverse domestic aesthetic medical cosmetology market. In the same year, we established a medical clinic in Taichung City as a display, education, and experiment center for customers and doctors.

In 2014, Quanta-Medical began to promote hyperbaric oxygen chambers in Taiwan. We mainly provide restorative procedures after plastic surgery. After years of practical application, it has been used and discussed in more than ten disciplines such as dermatology, rehabilitation, dentistry, obstetrics and gynecology.

Recently, Anti-aging, hair transplant, preventive healthcare, and sports science have also begun to pay attention to hyperbaric oxygen therapy. More and more medical research and academic literature support the effectiveness. Nowadays, More than one hundred clinics and doctors are using the O2one in Taiwan.

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